Chucking It All (Recipe Edition)

Have you ever just wanted to chuck it all? And by all, I don’t mean family and friends (that’s a different post) but just all the stuff. I vacillate wildly between borderline hoarding behavior and throwing everything away. That’s not true. I get to the point where I want to throw everything away, but my inner hoarder always manages to sneak more than what’s needed past the purger’s gate. Magazines have a special place in my inner hoarder’s heart. What if I need that recipe next time I throw a formal dinner party for 12? Or need that picture for inspiration in decorating my ski chalet in the alps? How will I ever be able to make my 4 perfect children the Wizard of Oz cast costumes for Halloween without this magazine article?

I found a sneaky way around all those magazine eventually (moving boxes of books will inspire all sorts of purging); I started tearing out the stuff I wanted to keep. A few sheets of paper was so much easier to deal with than all those books that were mostly filled up with ads anyway. Then it was more than a few sheets. Then I needed a storage system for the sheets. And now…well now all those sheets of paper have started to take on a life of their own. I’m starting with the recipes. I no longer save all those fancy, complicated recipes I was sure I was going to need when I magically decided I loved cooking and started throwing dinner parties. I’ve also realized that I am not, and may never be, the type of person willing to make a special trip to a special store for that one special ingredient. Progress! Thirty minutes later I’ve gone from 174 untried recipes to 91. I like it to be closer to 10, but I’ll take it.

Recipes, Pre-Purge


Early this afternoon I spotted a lizard sunning itself on my back fence. Spring has officially arrived at my house. Spring is a delicate and short-lived creature since summer is a big bully around here. I’m going to pretend I’m not filled with dread.