Things I Love This Week

I have some other in-the-works crafty things to show off, but because I’d like to actually get something posted today, I’m going to make up a quick list of things that made me happy this week instead of posting crafty pics. Am I allowed to write such long sentences in a blog? In no particular order…

This poem moved me.

I just discovered¬†the blog ‘In Pursuit of Martha Points’¬†(thank you, Freshly Pressed), and it made me laugh so hard, I almost cried.

This sweet little egg made me wish our local nests weren’t so high up in our trees. Which are covered in spines. Which are actually really tall cacti.

Anyone else want to join me on a road trip to New Orleans just to meet Miss Longshore?

I think there is something about concrete that screams ‘desert’ to me. Not sure my outdoor, glass tabletop could take it though.

Never really see myself as a rustic-cabin-in-the-woods type but maybe this could sway me. Especially if we add more of those velvet pillows.

Off to work on a few more glue gun burns…