Chucking It All (Tear Sheet Edition)

I’ve already mentioned before that I may have a teensy little problem with magazines. They’re just so pretty! And shiny! And require very little of my dwindling attention span!

One of the symptoms of the tanking economy over the last few years was the folding of several of my favorite magazines. I miss you still, Cottage Living. And poor little Blueprint, barely out of the blueprint phase. I could go on (and on, and on), but let’s just say that I seem to have an affinity for niche periodicals with too small niches. Anyway, I was hoping that those publishing failures would slow down my accumulation of tear sheets (actually I was terrified).

It was wasted fear hope. New magazines have trickled in to fill the void. Lesser magazines mostly (not you, Sunset – never you) but I still seem unable to resist their glossy, sweet nothings. Here are the accumulated sheets from two or three months…

Tear Sheets

…with a lovely cup of tea. It’s a job that requires at least 1 cup of tea.

And here is the recycle bin after I snipped and purged…

Tear Sheet Trash

I will not show you a picture of what made the cut. Because it is embarrassing.


2 thoughts on “Chucking It All (Tear Sheet Edition)

  1. I am in awe of your ability to clip and save the really cool stuff! Power on, Diva of the magazine clipping! I sooo wanna be you if and when I ever grow up and get organized!

    xoxo Liz

    • Unfortunately it seems as if the clippings have begun to take on a life of their own as well. Please tell my hub you want to be organized like me – he’ll laugh so hard he might break something!

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