Chucking It All (Recipe Edition)

Have you ever just wanted to chuck it all? And by all, I don’t mean family and friends (that’s a different post) but just all the stuff. I vacillate wildly between borderline hoarding behavior and throwing everything away. That’s not true. I get to the point where I want to throw everything away, but my inner hoarder always manages to sneak more than what’s needed past the purger’s gate. Magazines have a special place in my inner hoarder’s heart. What if I need that recipe next time I throw a formal dinner party for 12? Or need that picture for inspiration in decorating my ski chalet in the alps? How will I ever be able to make my 4 perfect children the Wizard of Oz cast costumes for Halloween without this magazine article?

I found a sneaky way around all those magazine eventually (moving boxes of books will inspire all sorts of purging); I started tearing out the stuff I wanted to keep. A few sheets of paper was so much easier to deal with than all those books that were mostly filled up with ads anyway. Then it was more than a few sheets. Then I needed a storage system for the sheets. And now…well now all those sheets of paper have started to take on a life of their own. I’m starting with the recipes. I no longer save all those fancy, complicated recipes I was sure I was going to need when I magically decided I loved cooking and started throwing dinner parties. I’ve also realized that I am not, and may never be, the type of person willing to make a special trip to a special store for that one special ingredient. Progress! Thirty minutes later I’ve gone from 174 untried recipes to 91. I like it to be closer to 10, but I’ll take it.

Recipes, Pre-Purge


2 thoughts on “Chucking It All (Recipe Edition)

  1. So, it took 3 dumpsters to be rid of the basement clutter…3 degrees worth of notes (but i might NEED that) and old books (sad, but unfortunately, not every book is worth a mint 30 years later…) and spider parts. Let’s not forget the really damn big spider parts with fangs. I’m down to one bookcase of books, from 4, and one box of yarn, one box of fabric, and a few boxes of pictures. Not sure what all else I threw out, but it did fill up dumpsters. Does that mean I get to relinquish my hoarder membership card?

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