Wedding Fascinator

One of the most wonderfulest women in my life is getting married in a few weeks, and I feel so blessed to be her maid of honor. Instead of asking the wedding party to all dress alike, the brides asked us to dress in black with touches of a dark, wine red. I saw a lovely feathered fascinator with a small bit of veiling attached in a bridal magazine and decided to make one for myself in black and red. The wedding is fast approaching , and the only thing I’ve managed to get done for this project was buying a few silk flowers and seeing how much black veiling might cost me (off the internet because I couldn’t manage to find it in town). Then last weekend I was wandering around Forever 21 (aka crack house for the accessories whore) and stumbled across EXACTLY what I had been planning to make, minus the red flowers. For $9. At that price, I was not about to try to reinvent the wheel. I originally bought a silk hydrangea, rose, and orchid spray in the right color because I wasn’t sure what would work best. Given the hair piece I bought, I decided to use the hydrangea blossoms. And because I rarely think things could be made better without glitter, I decided to glitter them.

hydrangea blossom

Hydrangea Blossom

I detached the smaller blossom bundles from the main stem (just pull) and then clipped the individual blossoms off with scissors (no wire in this part).

clipped blossoms

Clipped Flower from Small Cluster

I used a small paintbrush to paint dilute glue (just the plain, white stuff 1:1 with water) around the edges of each petal and dipped them in glitter. I created the glitter color by mixing the red and black glitter from a Martha Stewart card kit I found on clearance at Wal-Mart.

glittering petals

Glittering the Petals

After drying, the glitter still showered off like I hadn’t bothered to glue it at all so I sprayed an acrylic sealer over them. It helped, but I imagine my hair and shoulders will still be covered by the end of the night. Then it was just a matter of using the hot glue gun to attach the blossoms to the fascinator.

adding flowers

Adding Flowers to Fascinator

finished fascinator

Finished Fascinator

Now I just need to add some glittered blossoms to the ribbon I plan to wear as a belt, and my outfit will be complete.


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